Community based actions – a shortcut to sustainable public health nutrition?

Professor Suggs joined Professor Bent Egberg Mikkelsen (Denmark), Professor Agneta Yngve (Sweden), and Ms. Elva Gisladottir (Iceland) this week at the world nutrition congress in Las Plamas, Gran Canaria, Spain for a well attended and inspiring session on ” Community based actions – a shortcut to sustainable public health nutrition?” Introduction to Community based actions[…]

SINC web site is launched! Join us in making change happen. About SINC: The main idea is that SINC serves as a place for students and the Ticino community to learn about and work on projects (conceptual, development, evaluation, and research) about sustainability. Our main focus is “behaviors” – health, environment, justice, safety, policy and a good citizenship. Our website serves as an ongoing place[…]

Dr. Schmeil’s start up make list of finalists for 2014 award. Your vote will help him win.

Dr. Andreas Schmeil’s start up company has made it to the final phase of the StartCup Ticino 2014 award. The company: “immpres – Immersive Presentations” develops highly interactive visual experiences and are the creators of The Immersive Presentation Tool, to be launched soon. If you want to know what they are all about –[…]

Ms. Rangelov is Invited speaker at TraVitality meeting

Ms. Natalie Rangelov invited to present the Fan project at the “Health and Vitality in Travel and Out of Home Situations” (TraVitality) in Bulle Switzerland 6 Nov 2014. She will speak about the process and outcomes associated with a community-based social marketing project aimed to change and maintain eating and physical activity behaviors.