Communication is Fundamental to Challenges Faced by Health Leaders

Says report calling for more effective Health Communication. Communicating Complex Health Messages (CCHM) was pinpointed as an area of research by WISH at a timely and crucial crossroads in health care and communication – the rate at which we can access and spread information is increasing, our trust in sources is decreasing, competing views are[…]

JAMA paper reinforces need for behavior change interventions

In a recent piece published in JAMA by Pagoto & Appelhans, the authors stress the importance of investing in health behavior change and adherence interventions. They report that far too much money is invested in examining what is the ideal diet for weight loss and weight management that are not helping solve the problem of[…]

ICA London 2013

A paper by Prof. Suzanne Suggs, Dr. Emil Coman and Prof. Carolyn Lin entitled “Changes in youth intent to use substances achieved by dynamic coupling: dynamic growth modeling of community-based interventions,” has been selected for the ICA 2013 conference “Challenging Communication Research.” This paper is one of about 36% of those accepted for this years[…]

European Health Forum in Gastein

Prof. L. Suzanne Suggs is in Gastein (Austria) at the European Health Forum. She presented her ideas about social marketing, ICT and HPV vaccination in the workshop #6 on Vaccines, titled “Innovative approaches in improving trust and uptake in vaccination“. On the same topic, Prof. Suggs was also recently interviewed by Gary Finnegan (Editor of[…]