Researcher at Japan stem cell institute falsified nearly all images in 2017 paper

In the university’s official statement, Yamanaka said:

I am saddened to report that our internal investigation has concluded that a specially-appointed assistant professor at CiRA falsified and fabricated the data used in a 2017 research publication for which he was the first and corresponding author.

In his university announcement, Yamanaka apologized for the situation:

As CiRA Director, I feel a strong responsibility for not having been able to prevent research misconduct at our institute and sincerely apologize to all who support us and our research activities…Kyoto University is now deliberating its punishment toward the above specially-appointed assistant professor, the professor who supervised the researcher and myself.


The university, which conducted its investigation from September 11 to January 9, found that Yamamizu had falsified data in the six main figures in the paper, as well as in five of the six supplementary figures.

In his statement, Yamanaka wrote:

We take misconduct very seriously. We will reevaluate our research management to strengthen our research ethics and to regain public trust in our research.

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