Full title: FAN – Famiglia, Attività fisica, Nutrizione

Keywords: Nutrition, Physical Activity, e-mail, web, SMS, Social Marketing

Aims: To examine the effect of tailored communications on nutrition and physical activity behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, social norms, perceived behavioral control, and intentions.

Sample: Families residing in Ticino Canton with children attending elementary school and the first two classes of middle school (approximately children 6-12 years of age).

Methods:  Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT); Mix methods (interviews, focus groups, surveys). Assessments were conducted pre, post and 3 months post-intervention.

Funders: Canton Ticino, Department of Health and Human Services and Health Promotion Switzerland.


People involved:

  • Principal investigator: Prof. L. Suzanne Suggs
  • Project manager: Natalie Rangelov
  • Collaborators: Antonella Branchi & Alessia Antonietti (Canton Ticino, Department of Health and Human Services [Dipartimento della sanità e della socialità, Ufficio del medico cantonale, Servizio di promozione e valutazione sanitaria])


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